Drugs for potency: panacea or myth?

There are drugs, after taking which an erection occurs in any case. We start with the fact that in some diseases and disorders to achieve an erection is impossible in principle. It is not very common, but you can not rule them out. In general, each case of erectile dysfunction, i.e. the inability to have a satisfactory (for the man himself) to perform an erection, strictly individual, and to determine its exact cause, as well as to assign treatment can only a doctor – urologist or andrologist – after a thorough examination. If you want to buy modern medications, visit https://svensktapotek.net/floxin/.

Drug treatment

In addition, even the most powerful drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction – phosphodiesterase inhibitors type 5, do not cause an erection if a man has no libido – libido. Such drugs only help to implement the physiological mechanism of erection, but it is triggered only in the presence of sexual excitement. But to cause this excitement may cause the very fact of taking the pill – of course, if a man is fully convinced that after it, everything should get stronger immediately. All drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction are sex stimulants that dramatically increase libido.

The drugs that improve the potency have practically no effect on the libido and do not have a stimulating effect – except that the patient is excited by the fact of taking these pills and the anticipation of sex. Here again there is a purely psychological effect. At the same time, some nutritional supplements may have a stimulating (or, rather, restorative) effect, due to the components that affect the central nervous system. But if in this case a person is not specifically set up for sex, then instead of libido may increase irritability, nervousness, etc. These pills start working immediately, but the effect doesn’t last long.

Again in the case where the effect itself is psychological and arises from the mere fact of taking the drug. This is not a rare variant: psychological problems generally occupy a very significant place among the causes of erectile dysfunction. But from a purely physiological and pharmacological point of view, the pill (capsule, solution, etc.) cannot take effect immediately. The active substance needs time at least to be absorbed and spread in the bloodstream. In general, each drug has its own, quite precisely defined time of action.

So before taking any erectile dysfunction treatment, you should carefully read the instructions, which include time and other features of taking it. Usually such drugs are recommended to take at least an hour before sex. Well, hasty men can wait for disappointment and complaints that “the medicine doesn’t work”, etc.

There is no point in taking the medication for a long time, a dose before intimacy is enough

In some cases, in particular for those who have purely psychological problems, such as the so-called anxious expectation syndrome of sexual failure, it is enough. In many cases, when erectile dysfunction has a physiological cause, a long-term, course of treatment is necessary. Always follow the treatment regimen prescribed by your doctor and the instructions! You can buy the drugs here https://svensktapotek.net/.