How User Research Ensures Better App Performance?

The market of mobile apps development is increasing remarkably in the last few years, and it is also expected to continue expanding in the future as well.

According to the Gartner prediction, there will be more than 310 billion applications downloaded by the end of 2016. Developing a successful high end mobile app is not an easy task in this competitive mobility world.

Another report of Gartner has predicted that, in 2018, most of the consumer mobile applications will fail to become a financially successful app. Great apps start by giving more importance to the most important person in the market: the end user. Therefore, to make your app popular in the crowded mobility world, one needs to give a lot of efforts in “user research” while working on a well-planned development strategy. Let’s look towards those strategies….

Target Your Market First:-

First of all, target the market and also be determined what kind of experience you are going to provide to them. By conducting the user research, you could understand your market problem and the need of the market. Directly deal with a single problem that is very common to your user base, and solve that problem in such a way that gives clear importance to them.

Provide a customized user experience:-

Think about your user’s needs and use those to figure out the way your product works. A user-friendly interface does not only signify that it is easy to use. It also means that it is taking the user’s demand into consideration first or not.

Be focused on the core experience that users will have. Solving several small problems effectively will help your users, but solving one big problem really well will delight them. If your app is able to do many things that may not make it successful, your application has to go the extra mile in order to please a user. Always be cautious about adding the new features to your app without considering the impact they could have on its core experience.

Focus on Enhanced Experience:-

Now a days, the companies are focusing more on enhancing the performance of existing services (better user experience), not on introducing new. Take an example of “Ola “, they are not selling a car service; selling a smooth experience that enables user to book a ride in an easy manner, with the touch of a button.

The company like “Ola” knows that the first interaction that a user will have with its application creates the step for the rest of that brand, customer relationship and keep the thing interactive with every interaction that they will have with its app in the future. So it’s vital to recognize exactly who your audience is and how good you can fulfill their needs through your app.

Ensure Data Security Across Networks, Devices and Clouds:-

In present time, the cloud computing has earned a great importance. It has influenced the way the data is accessed. So it is very important to ensure the seamless and secure flow of data between mobile devices, the cloud and the data center. Security is the prime concern if you are developing a banking app or financial app as users expects secure app from your end.

Choosing the platform:-

Choosing the right platform for your app is also an important thing for its success. Identify the right audience and target users who match your demographic criteria. According to that, you have to choose the platform, whether it can be in android, in iOS or in any other platform.

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