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In any book of analysis of rates and strategies, it is noted how important to listen to your intuition, develop scent for years. However, Ipswich resident Adrian Hayward believes only in prophetic dreams – in 2005 he dreamed that one of the players of his beloved Liverpool scored a goal from his half of the field. Without thinking twice, he went to the bookmaker’s office and put 200 pounds with a coefficient 125, no one know that this would happen in reality. And very soon Adrian was made happy by Xabi Alonso, who put the handsome man in the Luton gates. If you are going to check your own luck, here is the best website to do it

In 1996, racing enthusiast from England Daren Yates made a bet of 59 pounds at a rate of 25,000

He predicted that a jockey named Frankie Dettori would win absolutely all races in Ascot during the season and won 550 thousand pounds. However, in the Guinness Book of Records there some other bets. In 1984, another Englishman, Edward Hodeson, put 55 pounds to win a horse with a crazy odds of 3,956,748, but won only three thousand pounds. In those days there was a maximal payment in a bookmaker office.

But the unknown lady in 1995 was more fortunate

The woman who came to the hippodrome for the first time and wished to remain anonymous put 5 pence on the most useless horse (estimated by everyone in the world), whose victory was estimated by a factor of 3,072,887. Nobody knows what happened, but she ran divinely that evening and brought Lady 153 644 pounds.

Among the players, there are some popular bets that their relatives (children, grandchildren, brothers) will achieve some success after many years

They put on the fact that the grandson will become the prime minister of the country or the Nobel Prize winner, and the granddaughter one day will certainly be on the cover of Vogue. The coefficient is usually off scale for a thousand, therefore, as the example of Liverpool midfielder Harry Wilson Pete Edwards shows, the game is worth the candle. In 2013, he did not know what more to rejoice: the debut of his grandson for the national team of Wales or the crazy win in the bookmaker, made possible by this event. It turns out that when his grandson was only two years old, Pete made a bet in the amount of 50 pounds at William Hill that the son would ever play for the national team of his country, and 14 years later he won 125 thousand pounds. By the way, debuting for “dragons” at the age of 16 years and 207 days, Harry improved the achievement of the previous record holder Gareth Bale.

A similar bet on the Wales national team player (only for rugby) Shane Williams was made many years ago by his father Mike

Even before Shane got his first call on the national team, William Sr. put 50 pounds on the fact that his son would become the best scorer of Wales, and he was right. The winning amount was 25 thousand pounds.

But the world champion in Formula 1 Lewis Hamilton made a complete stranger happy

When Lewis was 14 years old, one of the employees who served the track appreciated his ability to drive a go-kart. He found out the boy’s name, and went to the bookmaker’s office, where he made a bet of 100 pounds that Hamilton, before he turned 25 years old, would become a Formula One champion. After 9 years, an unknown person has hit the bank in the amount of 125 thousand pounds.

There are many examples of grandiose comebacks in history, one of which took place in 2010 and helped some people make good money in live mode. In the African Cup, the Angolan national team by the 78th minute crushed Mali with a score of 4:0 and by that moment the coefficient that the Malians could manage to recoup was 1000. One PaddyPower client risked 50 pounds and became rich because the final score was 4: 4. The match was considered suspicious, but all who risked received their money.

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