Types of PC games

Popular genres of computer games? Each gamer will tell you his personal rating, and mostly the lists will be different. The reason for this is simple: a huge number of different platforms – any segment boasts something unique. For example, you hardly want to play a football simulator without a joystick, so sports games are incredibly popular on consoles. At the same time, real-time strategies and controllers are incompatible things. Mobile gamers have conquered card games and arcades using built-in accelerometers. Pleases one thing – the abundance of quality games, allowing everyone to find something of their own. Some exciting games you can find on this website https://toomkygames.com/.

In the first place in popularity is the RPG genre of games

After all, they are able to completely enthrall the player in the process and give him different emotions. The plot of such games can be completely different. Online RPGs are especially popular now, as they allow players from all over the world to interact. This makes the game more exciting and unpredictable. With multiplayer RPGs, it’s pretty simple. The best in this genre for many years remains World of Warcraft. Even the appearance of very powerful MMORPGs, which are very popular in China and South Korea, could not remove the king from the throne.

The second most popular type is shooter

And here it is worth noting several franchises that delight fans of quality shooters to this day: these are Quake, Battlefield and Counter-Strike. Battlefield will offer you any battlefield to choose from: real wars, alternative history, third world war and battles in the world of the future. In the last parts, the series even went under the market trend and added to the game, where the main feature was always multiplayer, single-player campaign. Everyone, even one who is very far from gaming, heard about Counter-Strike, because this is one of the leading eSports disciplines with million prizes, and the final of the tournament called Epicenter was broadcasted on the federal channel. Shooters are popular for a long time and their design can be really amazing.


Closed the top three game types – strategy. This is not all without the participation of Blizzard: Warcraft III, released 12 years ago, is still one of the real-time reference strategies. A set of tools for developing your own maps, which was distributed in a set with the game, gave the world not only a lot of fun Tower Defense, but also a whole new genre – MOBA. The brightest representative is Dota 2, one of the most popular games in the world. Having started as a WC III card, it became an independent game and the richest e-sports discipline – the prize fund of the World Championship in 2017 reached $24 million, and this is not the limit.

Separately, it is worth to note another very popular type of games

Hidden objects attract the attention of different audiences. They can be interesting for children and for adults. They develop attentiveness and for many years are very popular among gamers. You can learn more about the list of hidden object games on this website https://toomkygames.com/free-download-games/genre/hidden-object.

Every day in the world there are new games of different types. Their main goal is to entertain the player. They serve as a great helper when you need to relieve stress after a work day or just enjoy your time. Some games even contribute to the development of intelligence, deduction and attentiveness. The virtual reality created by the pc of the game fascinates with its attractiveness. There everyone can feel himself as the main character, on whom depends the future of the whole world. That is why pc games are so popular.

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