White Label Casino

An operator who has decided to promptly open an online casino, while spending a minimum of money, will definitely pay attention to the White Label affiliate program. The main advantage of White Label is that the parent company organizes a full package of functions to create its own site on its domain, and the operator does not need to design the workflow himself, look for employees, integrate content and execute documents. All this is provided by the program, the package which includes the most important components of a successful start, such as website hosting, software, gambling license, gambling package connection, service and the necessary specialized legal support.

To compare, if you need to obtain a gambling license on your own, it may take several months with significant financial and human expenses. White Label takes care of this complicated matter. Ukphoneshop, an online cell phone store, did this for the first time in 2001 and offered its services to other companies, giving everyone the opportunity to profit by rebranding their site. If you want to see examples of such casinos, you should visit https://slots-online-canada.com/online-casinos/real-money/. White Label has established itself on the positive side due to the main characteristics.

  • The promptness of snacking on a new project of your own. It takes a lot of time and money to develop and launch a business on your own. White Label program allows you to minimize your expenses and optimize the startup process to the maximum.
  • White Label provides an absolutely ready and tested product, which works with a guaranteed profit.
  • The financial costs of opening a casino with White Label can be clearly described as an example of the best price/quality ratio.
  • Financial risks are minimized by ensuring that the parent company pays out large jackpots. The operator is responsible for paying out bonuses and prizes.

Nevertheless, the program also has a number of disadvantages

If you have chosen the White Label format, you must understand that you immediately become fully dependent on the parent company, which will independently decide all the issues regarding the functioning of the online casino, starting from the gaming content up to the choice of payment systems.

You will not be able to change the package settings, the built-in functionality is under the control of the parent company. Marketing policy of the parent company may not coincide with your strategy, which imposes restrictions on the promotion of the affiliated casino.

The price

Depending on the timing of the connection and the package of services you decide to make with White Label, starting a business will cost about forty thousand dollars. Any additional features are subject to additional calculation. The affiliate’s revenue is usually 40% to 60% of the profits, which are paid after deducting bonuses, bonuses, and other ongoing payments.

Final Risk Analysis

If you are ready to launch a new casino in a short time and your ambitions are not limited by anything, White Label really has all the necessary qualities to satisfy your choice, because it has a strong financial base, software with a wide range of services, great experience in solving the necessary legal issues. By choosing the White Label concept, your business will reach a new level and give you a chance to try and expand your company’s capabilities in the actively developing online casino market, which is guaranteed to bring profits all over the world. 

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