Proxy and mobile app development

Development of mobile applications is a quite complicated and time-consuming process. Professional developer uses a number of tools in his work that he needs to ensure the high quality result. By the way, it is very difficult to find a really good developer and if you have a desire to create a mobile application, then the choice of such a specialist should be approached very carefully. It would be best to use not the freelancers, but the agencies that provide comprehensive services in this area. But now we will not talk about it. In his work, a professional mobile application developer must have such an important tool as a proxy server.

A proxy server is a remote server that serves to hide your real ip address. When you visit various sites and open pages, your ip serves as a pointer to the history of your visits. All your visits are stored in certain archives, where they are stored and can be used when the need arises. The proxy server works in such a way that all your requests go first to the proxy server and only then to the web resources you visit. Thus, on all your requests there is only a trace of the IP address of the proxy server. Your ip address remains completely anonymous. Proxy server providers can also collect this information in the same way, but will be careful in choosing a company that provides a proxy server, this problem can be avoided. Proxy-Seller.Com is a proven and reliable proxy server provider that has established itself in practice.

Mobile application development is a very complicated process

It includes working with API keys, which not all developers are able to do correct. This work can significantly simplify the proxy server, which helps to track the number of requests and a lot of important information. A professional developer necessarily has at his disposal such a tool as a proxy server. It is able to significantly simplify the development process and also gives a certain anonymity in the Internet. Regarding anonymity, it’s very important that via proxy you can even take proxy server of some other country so all your web requests will go through the server of this country. It can give you a lot of advantages and provide some really good level of anonymity. For example, you can simply buy German proxy server here and all your web requests will be done from Germany.

Proxy servers are divided into several types according to the network protocol that they use

There are http and socks5 proxy server. Http is ideal if you need to work mainly with web resources. But the http itself is not as useful as its improved version https. It is more reliable and able to provide a much greater degree of anonymity. The main difference is that the http server collects information about incoming requests and able to recognize the ip address from which the request is received. That is the ip address of your computer. If we talk about https proxy servers, then the information comes to them already encrypted, which greatly increases the anonymity and keeps your ip address safe.

There is also a proxy server running on the network protocol socks5. This network protocol has recently supplanted http by popularity due to certain qualities that are peculiar only to it. First of all, it is an increased indicator of anonymity. Your ip address remains completely anonymous when using a proxy server with a socks5 network protocol. Secondly, it is the ability of this protocol to work with different applications. It makes them more versatile and makes developers increasingly choose it. Previously, proxy servers using the socks5 network protocol worked only with applications, but now they do an excellent job with web pages as well.

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